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The following is a list of species we grow at Bonsai Art Nursery
 Ask us if you’re looking for something not listed below

Whilst the majority of species are always available there may be periods when we are simply out of stock for certain species.


Common Name GenusSpecies 
Trident MapleAcerbuergerianum
Japanese MapleAcerpalmatum
Cut-leaf Japanese MapleAcerpalmatum
Sango Kaku MapleAcerpalmatum "Sango Kaku"
Coastel BanksiaBanksiaintegrfolia
Old Man BanksiaBanksiaserrata
Kingsville BoxBuxusspecies
European HornbeamCarpinusbetulus
American HornbeamCarpinus
Korean HornbeamCarpinusturczinowii
Atlantic CedarCedrusatlantica
Blue Atlas CedarCedrusatlantica glauca
Lebanese CedarCedruslibani
Himalayan CedarCedrusdeodara
Flowering QuinceChaenomelesjaponica
Hinoki CypressChamaecpyarisobtusa
Kosteri CypressChamaecpyarisobtusa "Kosteri"
Dwarf CypressChamaecpyarisobtusa spiralis
Hinoki CypressChamaecpyarisobtusa nana
Boulevard CypressChamaecpyarispisifera "Boulevard"
Plumosa CypressChamaecpyarispisifera "Plumosa"
Green GlobeChamaecpyarisspecies
Miniature CotoneasterCotoneastermicrophyllus
Money TreeCrassulaovata
Pink English HawthornCrataeguslaevigata
Japanese CedarCryptomeriajaponica
Dwarf Japanese CedarCryptomeriajaponica "Tansu"
Japanese PersimmonDiospyroskaki
Apple BlossomEscallonia
European BeechFagussylvatica
Purple BeechFagussylvatica "Purpurea"
Banyan FigFicusmicrophylla
Port Jackson FigFicusrubiginosa
Little Ruby FigFicusrubiginosa "Little Ruby"
Weeping FigFicusbenjamina
Willow Leaf FigFicusnerifolia
Ash Fraxinus species
Dwarf FuchsiaFuchsia species
Maidenhair TreeGingkobiloba
Lavender StarGrewiaoccidentalis
Japanese HollyIlex crenata"dwarf"
Creeping JuniperJuniperusprocumbens nana
Shore JuniperJuniperusprocumbens
Needle JuniperJuniperusrigida / formosana
Sargent JuniperJuniperuschinensis
Shimpaku JuniperJuniperussargentii
Crape MyrtleLagerstroemiaindica
Japanese LarchLarixkaempferi
European LarchLarixdecidua
Huon PineLagarostrobusfranklinii
Tea TreeLeptospermumspecies
Prickly Tea TreeLeptospermumjuniperinum
Tea TreeLeptospermumrotundifolium
Sweet GumLiquidamberstyraciflua
Purple Crab AppleMalusprofusion
Crab AppleMalusspecies
Crab Apple MalusJack Humm
Crab Apple MalusNesci
Dawn RedwoodMetasequoiaglyptostroboides
Orange JessamineMurrayapaniculata
Dwarf MyrtleMyrtuscommunis
OliveOlea europaea
Persian IronwoodParrotiapersica
Flaming HeathPentapterygiumserpans
Norway sprucePiceaabies
Dwarf SprucePiceaspecies
Dwarf SprucePiceaabies "Nidiformis"
Dwarf SprucePiceamariana nana
Alberta SprucePiceaglauca albertiana "Conica"
Alberta Spruce Sanders BluePiceaglauca albertiana "Conica Sanders Blue"
Dwarf Alberta SprucePiceaglauca albertiana"Green Globe"
Ezo SprucePiceaglehnii
Japanese Red PinePinusdensiflora
Swiss Mountain PinePinusmugho
Japanese White PinePinusparviflora
Dwarf White PinePinusparviflora "Adcocks Dwarf"
Scots PinePinussylvestris
Monterey PinePinusradiata
Japanese Black PinePinusthunbergii
Chinese PodocarpusPodocarpusmacrophyllus
Chinese JadePortulacariaafra
Flowering ApricotPrunus
White Flowering PlumPrunus
Chinese QuincePseudocydoniasinensis
Dwarf PomegranatePunicagranatum nana
Manchurian PearPyrus
Turkey OakQuercuscerris
English OakQuercusrobur
Cork OakQuercussuber
Azalea Rhododendronspecies
Satsuki AzaleaRhododendronindicum
Satsuki “Asazakura”
Satsuki “Aozora”
Satsuki “Benibotan”
Satsuki “Bunka”
Satsuki “Blue Moon”Rhododendronindicum "Blue Moon"
Satsuki “Chinzan”Rhododendronindicum "Chinzan"
Satsuki “ChiyoNo Hikari”
Satsuki Chiyo No Tsuki
Satsuki ChojuhoRhododendronindicum "Chojuho"
Satsuki Gyoten
Satsuki Hakatajiro
Satsuki Hatsukansetsu
Satsuki Hiodoshi
Satsuki Isso No tsuki
Satsuki Juko
Satsuki Kazusamurasaki
Satsuki Kazan
Satsuki Kagetsu
Satsuki Kaguyahime
Satsuki Kairaku
Satsuki Kikoshi
Satsuki KinsaiRhododendronindicum "Kinsai"
Satsuki Kobai
Satsuki Komei
Satsuki Moeka
Satsuki NakahariRhododendronindicum "Nakahari"
Satsuki Nanatu Boshi
Satsuki OsakasukiRhododendronindicum "Osakasuki"
Satsuki Rukizon(Kazan)Rhododendronindicum " Rukizon"
Satsuki Rinko
Satsuki Sao-To-MeRhododendronindicum " Sao-To-Me"
Satsuki Sakurakagami
Satsuki Salmon spray
Satsuki ShinkyoRhododendronindicum "Shinkyo"
Satsuki Shoh-Kin-ZanRhododendronindicum "Shoh-Kin -Zan"
Satsuki Shiryu No Homare
Satsuki Shisen
Satsuki shugetsu
Satsuki Summer Sun
Satsuki WakaebisuRhododendronindicum "wakaebisu"
Satsuki Yama No HikariRhododendronindicum " Yama No Hikari"
Satsuki Yata No Kagami
Kurume AzaleaRhododendronkiusianum
Wild Thyme AzaleaRhododendronserpjphyllum
Accent PlantRhodohypoxisbaurii
Umbrella TreeScheffleraarboricola
Dwarf Umbrella TreeScheffleraarboricola "Dwarf"
Thousand StarsSerissafoetida
Thousand StarsSerissafoetida "flore plena"
Pink Thousand StarsSerissafoetida "Pink"
Lilly PillySyzygiumspecies
Scrub CherrySyzygiumaustrale
Baby's TearsSoleiroliaspecies
Swamp CypressTaxodium distichium
Chile GuavaUgnimolinae
Chinese ElmUlmusparvifolia
Corky Bark ElmUlmusparvifolia "Corky Bark"
Seiju ElmUlmusparvifolia "Seiju"
Nire Keyaki ElmUlmusdavidiana "Nire Keyaki"
Japanese WisteriaWisteriafloribunda
Minature WisteriaWisteriafloribunda "Hime Fuji"
Japanese ElmZelkovaserrata

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